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A Warm Welcome

Home is a word which has a deep and profound meaning to us all. My life’s work has been to bring into existence a place where people may pause in their life’s journey to acquire that which is needed to continue on their chosen path…or sometimes to rediscover or find for the first time what their true path might be. My most profound life experiences have always involved finding my true inner home, the place in my deepest heart where I recognize and accept my true nature.

But what does that really mean? How can one aspire to accomplish such abstract goals. Most simply by realizing the profound significance of everyday life and bringing conscious choice to each aspect of one’s being. It means choosing to do the right thing, the right thing that befits one’s deeper nature. To guide oneself in the life direction that is best suited to your unique person. My purpose is to assist you in knowing your deeper nature, recognizing the choices which are before you, and witnessing your progress towards committing to those choices. Oh, and also sometimes encouraging you to make the commitment, to help you believe in your ability to make the right choices for yourself.

According to the Microsoft dictionary “home” is:

— where somebody was born or raised or feels he or she belongs

the place where something is most common or indigenous, or where something had its origins,

a place where a person or animal can find refuge and safety or live in security,

an establishment where somebody who is in need of care, rest, or medical attention can stay or find help,

the place or point that must be hit in order to score in many games, or must be reached in order to be safe from attack,

to give home to somebody or something,

to the point, or central to achieving a goal,

to the center or heart of something, or as far as possible into a desired position,

to return home, especially to fly home accurately (refers to birds and animals)

the place or point that must be hit in order to score in many games, or must be reached in order to be safe from attack.

So welcome to my online home….I hope that on your journey if you feel the need you will visit me in person…travel well.



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