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Support For Professional Achievement: "A heckuva guy!"
Dianne, Consultant

Support For Personal Growth: "I have worked with Larry for over 12 years. I have really appreciated his abilty to "cut to the chase" with me. He can really tell when I am dancing around an issue and is able to guide me to discovering the core issue without being confrontational. I have referred over 10 people to Larry and they have referred their friends to him as well. What more can I say, He's amazing."
Susan, Sales

Support Through Life Transitions: "Larry Atwell is a personal coach who has a down-to-earth unassuming manner that immediately reassures my sense of trust in him. His support was invaluable to me this past year while I was assisting my mother in her last days, struggling with cancer. Larry provided a safe heaven for me to work out family issues surrounding the loss of my mother, and continues to provide me with wise counsel. Larry is a gem. Many of his clients are my friends (heard about Larry through them!) and we all share the same experience that Larry is effective, professional and a very experienced at counseling people through difficult times."
Kathleen Watson, Artist