About: Larry Atwell's Bio

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. This statement has great significance for me in that the beautiful forests, mountains, and rivers, I now realize, were like loving and present grandparents for me. The land was a vital and significant part of my “family”. Growing up close to that land has formed a part of my character and psychology which looks to the natural world as a means of understanding myself and others. In a sense it pares my vision of life to its barest essentials/the simplest forms – which is helpful in not getting caught up in, and confused by, the nonessentials.

I am reminded of a dream in which I held two beautiful iridescent salmon in my hands and I was astounded to fully realize that they were actually swimming toward death with all the life that was in them; that these magical creatures were fulfilling their destiny with every molecule of their beings. My personal and deeply held belief is that we are each here to live life as fully as possible, to experience all the emotions and upheaval that accompanies being born and journeying toward our deaths. Sadly, our culture gives little support to this notion and conveys a sense that feelings are for the most part expendable and should be ignored rather than given attention. Feelings are in essence the weather conditions in our hearts and as such would best be accepted as the natural way of things.

During my young adult life, before returning to college I was both a blue and white collar worker and served in the US Army during the Vietnam war.

My formal education and background is as a psychotherapist/counselor, coach, and hypnotherapist. (See attached resume)