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This is where I speak out to my clientele about helpful thoughts to ponder to manage our lives. Have you ever thought you were alone and the only person on earth to be struggling through a life issue, event or crisis? Well, I am here to tell you that this is not the case at all. I see dozens of people every week and observe patterns in the ways we go through life events. It astonishes me on how truly we are one collective unconscious. This is the place where you can seek some advice if you can't get to your professional counsel. Fee free to submit topics you'd like see me discuss. I post my thoughts in this section of my site and welcome any feedback/comments from my readers.

To suggest a topic for online discussion, please go to Ask a Question page, fill out the form with your suggestion, then submit this to me. I will review your request and will respond if it it seems like many people will benefit from my perspective on the topic. You can also pursue my previous posts and reader's comments by going to the Review advice page.

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