Services: Hypnosis

Thanks for your interest in my hypnotherapy services. I am excited that we may have the opportunity to work together. Let me tell you a little about client-centered hypnotherapy.

My training has been in client-centered hypnosis which differs from traditional hypnotic practice which most often uses pre-written scripts to address particular issues. Using client-centered hypnosis methods we will work closely together to design a hypnosis session which will accomplish exactly the results which you are intending.

To use a computer metaphor, we will together design your new software program in language which you can use most effectively. With computers and new software you probably know that in order to load a new application on a computer the instructions almost always direct us to shut down all other applications that may be operating before we begin downloading.  This is very similar to hypnotic suggestion in that the progressive relaxation and directed imagining “closes down” our awareness from its fully conscious normal state.  It makes good sense that in order to accomplish a new thing in our lives we would need to focus on it in a way which is different than our normal waking consciousness.  Hypnosis is a means of focusing maximum relaxed attention on your desired outcome and directing your inner resources in the service of that goal.

Hypnosis is an effective tool in three areas of living:

  1. to reduce and eliminate  habitual behaviors and thinking such as smoking, overeating,  low self-esteem, procrastination etc.
  2. to improve performance in any task such as, sports, work, relationships
  3. to overcome temporary obstacles in living,  such as presenting a proposal, asking for a raise, asserting oneself, or overcoming performance anxiety in a particular activity

Please call if you are interested, even if you are unsure but desire more information.  I am happy to assist you and look forward to hearing from you.